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What Does it Cost?
Its the most basic question of all. We have made that very simple indeed to answer.

Fleximed charge you on how long you talk for
It is a clear cost that allows an easy estimate before submission. Clients are only charged for the actual work they submit.

Total Flexibility of Outsourcing – and all from your phone
Single Voice Dictation starts at £1.25 plus VAT per recorded minute. Discounted rates are available for members of certain associations and companies, as well as those sending larger volumes every month. This is for a standard service with turnaround within 24 hours. A premium-rate service is also available which allows fast process of a voice file with real-time return. Multiple Voice Recordings starts at £1.50 plus VAT per recorded minute.

No set-up costs, no hidden fees, no minimum monthly spends
Fleximed have made it as easy as possible to submit dictation and have it returned in real time at a price that will make you wonder how you managed before.

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least
try to do something remarkable?”